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  • registro de marcas

When a company decides to protect its brand, several considerations must be taken into account, one of them is if a claim is requested on the colors of the brand’s design. The trademark has to be registered exactly as it will be used in the market, so it is vitally important that there is a […]

  • Despacho de abogados-marcas-propiedad-intelectiuall

Importance of registering your brand. The brands their intangible assets that in the future generate economic benefits for the company. Its distinctive signs that differentiate one company from another and make references to the services and / or products to which the company is dedicated. Trademarks can be named when they refer to a number, […]

Invention Patents. Procedure and requirements for registration in Panama. Invention Patents as well as Utility Models and Industrial Designs are modalities of protection of Industrial Property and are included in the Industrial Property Law of Panama The Invention Patent is the way used for the protection of technical solutions that have inventive step, novelty and […]

What is a brand? and process of trademark registrations in Panama A brand is a symbol that distinguishes the products or services of one company from those of others. Brands make it possible to differentiate one company from another. The marks can be: words, letters, drawings and / or combination of all these elements In […]