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Patents & Trademark registration in Cuba

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Trademark registrations


To obtain a trademark registration in Cuba, the information on the products or services to be protected must be sent together with the application, and the official fees must be paid. Additionally, a Power of Attorney must be presented to represent the applicant before the Cuban Trademark Office. That Power of Attorney can be sent online. The Cuban Trademark Office will carry out the formal examination of the application, where the formal requirements will be assessed, if the examination is favorable, the mark will be published in the Official Gazette during that period of publication, third parties may oppose or make observations, if this does not occur, will proceed to the final examination, where it will be taken into account that the trademark application does not infringe any of the legal provisions described in the Cuban trademark law. The result of the final exam will define the granting or not of the trademark registration.


All the required documentation must be submitted, including all the information of the inventors, three copies of the descriptive memory, claims, summary and drawings, if any, in addition to the copy of the Power of Attorney and a copy of the Assignment document in the cases that the inventors assign. His invention. The Application will be presented at the Cuban Patent Office (OCPI) and the official fees must be paid. Once the application is submitted, the OCPI will carry out the formal examination to verify that all the documentation was presented correctly, if this examination passes satisfactorily, the Patent will be published. Once the publication period has elapsed and there have been no oppositions or observations by third parties, the substantive examination will be carried out, depending on the result of this examination, the Patent will be granted or not.